Message from Jo Hyunjae



The weather is so hot. Has everybody returned from vacation?

As you all know, we’re in China shooting a drama…..

Even though we are not yet 100% adjusted to the new environment, it’s a lot better than on the first day.

The production staff are very friendly and the shooting environment is not bad…..

You probably know already that we did not have all-night shooting ….. Ha!Ha! ….. Even though it’s only been a week, we’ve not had to work beyond 11 p.m.

Only filmed 3 or 4 scenes, so have no idea what the rest is about.

We realize you are anxious to know the contents of the drama and the role.

Will let you know as soon as possible.



무더운 날씨 휴가들은 다녀오셨나요??
저희는 다들 아시다시피 중국에서 드라마 촬영중입니다…
처음 접해보는 환경이라 아직 100% 적응 이 안되었지만 첫날 보다는 아주 많이 적응이 되었네요
스탭들도 친해지고 현장환경을 나쁘지 않은 편입니다..
다들 아시겠지만 밤샘촬영은 없습니다ㅎㅎ 일주일째지만 늦으면 11시 에 촬영을 끝내더라구요
3씬 4씬 밖에 못찍었는데도요 중반 후반에 어찌될지 모르지만요
드라마 내용, 케릭터 궁금하실거란거 잘 알고있습니다.
조만간 알려드리도록 하겠습니다.


(Credit: Thanks! English translation by wulijohyunjae)

Rouge Overlord

What will JHJ’s new hairstyle be like?


From Make-up Artist

Finally finished, time to rest! Today I changed the hairstyle of #1 actor [JHJ] on set in the rain under an umbrella, got all wet myself. This may be the first time in all the dramas I’ve been involved in that I have to change hairstyle in the rain! 00:18

From Staff

Shooting started for 8 days already…. everybody is working so hard! 00:59


This photo is obviously not taken yesterday or today — non-stop rain!


From Assistant Director Assistant

Rained the entire night, still raining this morning. Today’s schedule may have to be changed….Sigh! This d___ rain really slowed us down. 06:51

From Make-up Artist

Very cool this morning, still raining. Gives me the creeps just thinking about that steep muddy road to location. Those who returned last night nearly all got muddy from slipping. It will be even more slippery today. Please be careful, everyone. 06:57

From ADA

Now entire cast and crew waiting for orders….. all because of this rain. 07:29

From Staff

9th day of RO shooting. Because of heavy rain, entire crew will have one day’s rest. 10:17

From Staff

Thank God for rain! We have a day’s rest! Everybody has been working so hard! Now can sleep for more than 8 hours for the first time in many days. 11:35

From actress Liang Li

This is my first day of shooting but meet with rain! In photo you see me with Korean actor JHJ, #1 actress Yang Zi, and Hong Kong actor Danny Lee. 12:51


From Interpreter

On the recommendation of friends I became JHJ’s interpreter in China during filming of RO. Very grateful for your trust. I’ll do my best to give JHJ a good time during shooting in China. 12:59

August 9 – Flew with JHJ and his entourage from Seoul to Beijing. Unfortunately met with thunderstorm and could not make connecting flight to Taiyuan. Stayed in Beijing for the night and took next day’s flight. JHJ is a very gentle person – I can already foresee in the days ahead we’ll be able to cooperate very well. 13:05

RO production team – Thank you for being so professional and for your concern regarding JHJ. Surfed Weibo and discovered many of you. From today I’ll also be joining you. 13:10

From ADA

No shooting today. Actors can have a good rest today. Tomorrow we’re changing locations. 15:58

From Staff

Rain finally stopped. Hope weather will be fine tomorrow. Rest today and get ready for tomorrow. 17:24

From Interpreter

You know what simultaneous interpretation is? You know what extremely difficult simultaneous interpretation is? In an indoor shooting venue packed with cameramen, lighting technicians, actors, director, assistant directors, etc., everybody is saying what they want. In the midst of all this noise, my sole responsibility is to convey the Director’s requirements to JHJ and to explain clearly to him if he has any queries. In the studio you can’t find information and then translate them; you have to satisfy the Director’s and actor’s demands at any time. 18:13

I feel I’m inadequate in many ways. Have to stay on my toes all the time on set, can’t afford to slacken one bit. Not yet able to reach perfection, but I’ll try my best to do my job. He!He! 18:20

From #1 actress Yang Zi

Weather getting colder but my heart is very warm. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my time of difficulties. 21:08

Temperature dropping in Shanxi. Very cold today. 21:09

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